$6.1M Jury Verdict for PHC Holding Company, LLC

Jackson County, Missouri

Represented Defendants/Counterclaim-Plaintiffs in successfully obtaining a $6.1 million jury verdict for breach of fiduciary duty and civil conspiracy, including $5.5 million in punitive damages, following a thirteen-day jury trial in Jackson County, Missouri.  The plaintiffs initially filed claims against clients on various theories, all of which were dismissed by the Court prior to trial.  At trial, persuaded the jury that Counterclaim-Defendants improperly used their control over Counterclaim-Plaintiffs to take monies for lavish personal entertainment and other self-dealing transactions, and that the award of punitive damages was appropriate to deter future conduct.  Raizada Group, LP et. al. v. PHC Holding Company, LLC, et. al., No. 1416-CV14245 (Jackson County, Missouri, November 1, 2017).


Daniel E. Blegen
Catherine D. Singer

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